Tour Diary

Pre season training is as important for golfers as any other sport. So getting the right advice is crucial and setting out a plan which is achievable and realistic is very important.

Over the last few years I have been lucky enough to receive the help and support from Craig Coulson (Physio/friend from Huddersfield) and Duncan McCarthy (IgniteSports).

I am constantly learning new exercises and always trying to challenge myself with new ways to train and keep my workouts interesting.

Below are just some of the workouts I like to put into my weekly fitness regime:

Mountain biking, road biking, cross country running, road running, ignite BLITZ classes, spin classes, circuit training, strength/conditioning, core workouts, SAQ training and when training I go to ‘Your Health Club’ in Salendine Nook.


Blitz is an intense workout, short sharp exercises with little rest! Lots of explosive powerful movements which relate to a lot of aspects of the golf swing.

Arriving at a Blitz class you generally see a floor covered in cones, medicine balls, and kettle bells, you just never know what’s in store and Duncan always keeps you guessing.

That’s what’s so good about this type of training, you never get bored and never fall into the trap of repeating exercises week in week out!

You do ache in a morning!!!

SAQ TRAINING – Speed, agility and quickness!

The first session was really tough! Outside, 5 degrees, snowing and on a wet muddy football field in Leeds. Again like above, cones everywhere.

Lots of fast sharp runs, changing direction, touching cones and jumping. This workout hits all parts of the body. A lot of people would not think golfers would work like this, but swinging a golf club at 100mph is a pretty explosive movement so why not train like that…?

Check out this video’s of myself and Matthew Marsh training with Ignite Sports (click the blue link below)

Ignite Sports Training

This was after the first session – I survived!!


It’s been a massive help having the support of ‘your health club’ this winter as some days it’s just impossible to get outside and train.

At the end of 2011 as soon as Tour School had finished I sat down with Craig after having a Golf Specific Body Screening and put a plan in place to take my game forward through improving my fitness.

Craig gave me 4 workouts, a CORE/STRETCHING, a STENGTH, a CV, and what we called a CROSS OVER workout. We have put 5 gym sessions in each week since that day varying the workout but always starting each one with a CORE session.

The progress I have made to this day has been incredible and I have found it a great way to keep reaching new goals and pushing myself.

I now have such confidence in what I am doing that if I stick to my plan come the start of the main season I will be in great shape.

Massive thank you to Craig and Duncan for their time and support.


Last modified: June 3, 2019