Since Columbia…

Tour Diary


Since returning from Colombia, myself and Laura are now playing the waiting game for the proudest moment of our life!

20th of April is our due date but who knows when it may happen! Laura has being doing fantastically well and I’m so proud, what she has had to sacrifice for us and the changes she has gone through are incredible and I can’t thank her enough.

I have all my fingers crossed that it all goes to plan and I’m so nervous already! I had one missed call from Laura a few weeks back and I was ready to run to my car, only to find out she just wondered what we were doing for tea!

I’ve been pretty apprehensive to enter any competitions and plan anything too far away but Laura has just told me to get on with it, so I’ve tried!


On returning from Colombia I booked in to see Duncan from Ignite Sports for a fitness assessment, we did a test back in October so I just wanted to see if the work I had put in with Duncan and Craig till now had paid off. Results on the course have certainly gone in the right direction, and it was also pleasing to see that my fitness had also improved.

Massive thanks guys!!

Also it was great to sneak in a Huddersfield Giants game whilst home, so to see the them take down Castleford and keep their place on top of the Super League was great! Since meeting Laura back at High School, Rugby League has been a big part of my life and with Laura working for the Giants I get to as many games as possible!

Myerscough College

How do I explain what Myerscough College is…?

If it was not for spending 4 years at Myerscough College my game would not have progressed the way it has. Myerscough is located near Preston and started out as an agricultural college.

It now offers courses in many sports and golf has gone from strength to strength!! I really would like to think I have a great relationship with the College and I love going back to spend time with the Students and Coaches each year.

This March I went for a full week and challenged different groups of students each day to various skills tests covering: range work, putting and short game. The standard at the college is stronger each year and they put up a real fight.

I did manage to keep the title for the week and set some new records which was nice, but the students really pushed me throughout the week.

Bradley Hall Junior night

I also got invited to Bradley Hall Golf Club for their beginning of the season Junior night. To see a club so proactive and so keen to build a strong junior section is fantastic! I was fortunate enough to be in that situation at Crosland Heath so many years ago when David Liversidge did a great job with the juniors.

The evening started with a welcome and introduction of the junior committee from The Captain, followed by myself and Andy Shaw (Scratch Member @ BHGC) running a short game clinic, followed by a very good Q&A session.

Everyone seemed to enjoy it and I would love to see their Junior section go from strength to strength this year.


So for the rest of March/April I aim to keep up with my fitness work, practise and play some local events such as the 1836 Tour and Huddersfield/Halifax alliance, whilst most importantly spending some quality time with my new family, before the main part of the Challenge Tour season gets under way!

It’s going to be such an exciting year for so many reasons! I can’t wait!

Thanks once again for following my journey, will blog again soon…


P.S – Next event: 10th May – Challenge Tour in France or, fingers crossed, The European Tour event in Madeira which goes towards the CT rankings.

Last modified: June 3, 2019