Hitting a Hibbsy…..!

Tour Diary

Whilst not really having much competitive golf to play, I’ve tried to make my time as productive as possible so that come May, when The Challenge Tour season gets going again, I feel ready.

So one of the things I did was book myself in to see my good friend Nick Hibbs, at TOUR X in Warrington.

Nick is renowned for being one of the best club builders in the business. He’s worked on the Tour for some of the main manufacturers and built clubs for some of the best players in the world, and he now runs his own fitting centre near Warrington –  ‘Tour X’.

TOUR X is a fantastic setup, and It was great to go across and just make sure the John Letters Golf equipment I’m using is perfect for me!

And it certainly is!!!

Whilst there Nick expanded my knowledge and understanding of the swing and the technology I use, and in my three hour visit I increased my ball speed, club speed and carry by 15 yards!

That extra long ball with the driver is now known to me and my caddy ,Steve, as the ‘Hibbsy’ – it won’t be used all the time, but there will be a time and a place for it, such as a reachable par 5, or a short par 4!


1. 30 minute Trackman taster session or yardage checks for half price (£30)

2. Free loft & lie adjustments with all booking at full price

3. Half price fitting refunded with a club purchase

*Mention this blog if you book*

Like Tour X, I’m really lucky to have access to the awesome indoor facilities at Woodsome Hall Golf Club!

John Eyre has really gone all out and set up a high class indoor teaching/practice facility.

The GC2 launch monitor is great for distance control and fitting clubs and the indoor putting facility is like nothing you have sen before!!


Free Club Fitting and Yardage checks on the GC2 with any purchase over £100 in May – just mention this blog!

*Mention this blog if you book*

I also got down to the JL Golf Academy to help out with the Junior Skillz Challenge. The juniors watched me perform the Challenge, whilst I talked them through my thought processes and pre-shot routines for each shot.

I set a score for them to aim at, and one of them equalled it!

Note to Chris: “must do better!.

And look what came through the post too….

This really is pleasing – after a great season last year and a lot of hard work with the people around me, this was all I wanted!!!

Let’s just hope one day it’s the dark blue version!!

Thanks again.


Last modified: June 3, 2019