Match practice! ?️‍♂️

Tour Diary

So, I’ve pretty much just had two months away from competitive golf!

I’ve not had that kind of break for over three years and even though it was needed, it makes coming back to playing a little bit trickier.

But after plenty of practice and a lot of time trying to make some technical changes, I was starting to itch for competition.

How is my schedule looking? Well, I played a 4-day pro-am in Spain last week and this week I travel to the DiData Tournament in South Africa which is going to be great event on the Sunshine Tour.

Following on from there, the schedule is a little empty prior to the Challenge Tour kicking off in Turkey (25 April).

So I’m hopeful I may get into the European Tour event in Kenya (14 March), as the way the schedule falls I can’t see many higher ranking players wanting to play with it being a low prize fund. It used to be a great event on the CT schedule, which I’ve played three times, so it would be great to play – I won’t find out until the last minute,I’m guessing!

Then there is also a Tri-sanctioned event with the Ladies/Senior Tour in Jordan (4 April) which, if my category on the CT gets me into, I will play. (Does not count for OOM).

This week: DiData – South Africa

14 March: Kenya – European Tour**

4 April: Jordan – Challenge Tour**

25 April: Turkey – Challenge Tour

(**if exempt)

So, anyway, how did the Mike Wilby pro-am go in Spain last week?

It’s fair to say I was rusty! Don’t get me wrong, I have been playing golf with friends and other professionals – and had some great cash games – but it’s the first time I’ve had to try and keep a score and also have some emotion/expectation attached to the performance.

It was a great way to ease my way back into competition mode though, relaxed but still highly competitive!

I really wanted to perform well; I’ve been practising hard and seeing some progress, but what it did flag up was my focus and lack of concentration, especially over some tee shots, which were extremely poor!

The courses are tough; Finca Cortesin is brutal and off the back tees Valle Romano is a good test too!

I slumped to 5th place shooting +5, +7, +3, +1, which are scores I’m certainly not proud of, but I gave it 100% and it was great to test certain areas of my game!!

I certainly needed to play, and I can’t thank Mike Wilby enough for the invite!

Mike runs the pro-am; he has done so for numerous years and always for the love of the game! He prides himself on everyone else having a good time and getting value for money from an overseas trip!

And the proof of the pudding is the number of repeat teams he has on the trip each year!

The rumours are it was his last pro-am, but I’m not sure and if he does run another its well worth looking into if you fancy some good golf and weather in February next year!

So a huge thanks to Mike again, but also my team Andy, Dan (Mike’s sons) and also Ian ‘Miguel’ Dawson for some incredible par runs!!

Looking forward to blogging again soon following my trip to South Africa!! ?? 

Last modified: June 3, 2019