It’s official ? I’m a Wilson Staff player!

Tour Diary, Tour Tech

I’m extremely excited to announce officially that I am now a Wilson Staff player for the 2019 season!

I had already been using the Wilson C300 long irons through the back end of the 2018 season, and I saw an instant benefit to my game by making the switch. The misses with these irons were great, extremely forgiving, and I noticed on Trackman that the ball speed didn’t drop off on the mishits like previous irons I have used – which resulted in more consistent distance control!

I desired a higher ball flight too, and without making a technical change I found I was getting more height, which was great! Personally, I find it easier to hit the ball low, so having long irons that are flighted more and land softer into the green is perfect, but then still to have the versatility in the clubs to knock them down and hit the ‘stinger’ is a dream combination.

And whilst I made that long iron change straight away, behind the scenes I was also fully testing the Wilson V6 short/mid irons and wedges with the plan to put them in play ASAP!

The V6 irons look pure; if you haven’t seen them, they are a really traditional looking iron, no gimmicks, just an honest club that performs! Check them out!

So as soon as I’d had my loft/lies and yardages nailed on, they went in the bag!!

And not just any bag – the trademark red Wilson Staff Tour bag which looks great too!!

Buzzing to hit these sometime too….



Last modified: June 3, 2019