Name: Mark Pearson

Attachment: Academy Director – Q Hotels Oulton Hall

Info: Mark, previously Head Teaching Professional at the DeVere Belfry moved back to his native Yorkshire as Academy Director at Oulton Hall in 2007 as well as combining this role with that of coach to his stable of European Tour players  until 2009. Throughout his career Mark has given over 30,000 golf lessons to all levels of golfer, he has developed successful Academies from scratch, managed world class facilirties and been innovative in providing coaching programmes for all standards of golfer. In addition Mark has presented at PGA Coaching Conferences and has coached golfers that have played at all levels of the amateur game and Professionals that have won tournaments on the Europro, Challenge and PGA European Tours.


Twitter: @markpearsongolf

Mobile: 0800 242 5002       

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Mind Coach:

Name: Iain Highfield

Info: Iain Highfield is a mental performance coach for the sport of Golf. He is an English man who now lives and works from just outside Atlanta as Director of ‘Game Like Training’, to pursue his passion for human performance.

Iain attended the Leeds Business School where he studied Economics for Business and played collegiate level rugby In the year 2000. Upon graduation, he began to study and work in the field of Neuro Linguistic Programing and simultaneously studied Sports & Exercise Psychology at the Open University.

In the year 2013 his golf program was implemented in 2 of the 3 biggest junior golf academies in the world and was being used by players on the European Tour, such as Chris Hanson who has climbed 950 places in the world rankings under Iain’s tutoring.

Twitter: @iainGLT


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Fitness/Strength & Conditioning:

Name: The ‘ETPI’ team -European Tour Performance Institute


ETPI was developed by the European Tour’s medical & performance services team to allow golfers of all abilities to make use of the knowledge that has been amassed by the Tour’s performance and medical practicioners over the past 20 years using data from the best players in the world.

“We work at a very select end of the world of golf where we’re fortunate to be working with at the leading edge of everything that’s going on, but there’s a broad base of people that underpin that and we believe that everyone can benefit from these concepts,” explains ETPI Physio unit Director Rob Hillman.




Name: Woodsome Hall Golf Club – Huddersfield

Info: Situated to the south of Huddersfield and close to the main motorway networks, Woodsome Hall Golf Club provides traditional quality golfing values to its members and visitors alike. With a Par of 70 and a SSS of 71 the course is an excellent test of skill for golfers of all levels with accuracy and thought being the key to success.

Our 16th century Grade 1 listed Club House is truly stunning and steeped in history. Here you will be able to take advantage of the wonderful catering, cask beers and fine hospitality on offer which all adds to providing an unforgettable golfing experience.



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