Tour Diary

Like many, I had never even heard of La Gomera, but I soon knew all about it after flying to Tenerife South and catching a 40 minute ferry to the small island itself.

Fun in the Sun! That’s what I’m hoping for this week, not that I’m a massive fan of playing in ridiculous heat, but neither do I like the cold. Pretty fussy really but I sure won’t be complaining, it’s going to be a great experience and I can’t wait!

The advice has been pretty simple, keep in the shade when possible, factor 50 sun cream, water and lots of it!

Once again I’m fortunate enough to drag Steve out with me to loop the bag, and on top of everything he already brings, having the bag off my shoulders in the heat is a huge help!

Myself, Luke Goddard, Danny Brooks and Danny Gaunt managed to get out and play 15 holes late Tuesday aft, the course itself is pretty decent but it’s totally different to any course I’ve ever played, in that you leave the club house at the bottom of the mountain, get a taxi to the top . . . then play all the way back down the hill, side to side, with a few down hill holes! Not one up the mountain!

Wednesday was a practice day, 7 holes, a couple of gym sessions and even some time by the pool, I did manage 4 lengths of the pool but my swimming resembles ‘Eric the Eel’ from the Sydney Olympics a few years back! It’s shocking!!


It was a pleasure playing with my good friend James Busby, he played great for 66 (-5) and to sum my round up … I hit as many good shots as he did bad shots!

That does not sound good, does it?? I left myself a lot to do in Rd 2 to be around playing at the weekend. 75 (+4)

I did play much better in Rd 2, I drove the ball more like myself and gave myself some better chances for birdies. The scoring for the week may not suggest this, but most people found the greens tough to read and judge the pace. They were very grainy and sometimes your ball would roll up hills and really puzzle you! They definitely puzzled me … (which is not hard)


We looked into flights to try and return Saturday morning but it was far too costly, so to make the most of two days in the sunshine, I grafted on my game and put in the needed work to get it back to where it was.

Some swing videos crossed the wifi world and got back to Mark my coach in Leeds, and as always I got some great answers to put into practice. I soon saw a change in my ball flight and I’m looking forward to taking it to Austria next week for the next chapter of the journey.

Only a short and sweet blog this week, but I will leave you with plenty of awesome pictures from La Gomera. It’s a beautiful island and the golf course was pretty impressive the way it was built.

If I have to come back next year, I will sure look forward to it and hopefully get to bring the family!

All the best

Kind regards


P.S – Steve wanted me to mention he thrashed me 6-1, 6-3 at Tennis, but it’s no big deal….. 😉

Last modified: June 3, 2019